Name that which you craft. Name each of its elements and each of its intended uses.

Name they for whom you craft. If you know why they desire the product of your labor, their intention for it, name that as well. If not, name your own impetus for laboring in ignorance.

Name the ancillary practices of your craft. If you pray, how and to what do you pray? If you make offerings, what do you offer and to what entity are these offerings dedicated? If you think, what ideal or problem do you contemplate? If you sing, if you fast, if you meditate, &c., name those practices and their content.

Name the primary practices of your craft. Name the techniques you employ and their effects and costs. Name any special deviations from these techniques in this instance and their significance.

Name the instructors who taught you the collected practices of your craft.

Name the tools of your craft. Name their sources and condition.

Name the materials employed in your craft. Name their sources and quality. Name the alternatives and why those are not now being used.

Name those marks of your craft you leave upon the product of your labor which indelibly reveal it to be your work.

Name the hopes and dreams with which you imbue the product of your labor, intentionally or otherwise.

Now, likewise, name the fears.

This is a set of free-form journaling prompts for anyone playing out the process of crafting something of value. The process of crafting is frequently elided in play, which to my mind is a shame because crafting feels like such fertile ground for exploring the network of relationships and contingencies in which a character is embedded. If you use these prompts let me know! I’d love to see what you come up with.

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